Friday, August 1, 2014

Tiny Dancer Geranium in Action and new toddler-sized Geranium

Well, we're going to pretend that I haven't been MIA from this blog for over a posting a follow up picture to the last post. Here's the tiny dancer geranium, complete with adorable baby!

This little girl is technically a toddler now and this top doesn't even fit. Sigh. I do have a friend who is pregnant with a little girl, so I may pass it on. Maybe.

Well, since she's grown out of this one, I of course had to sew up a new one. I was originally going to put her in this one for her birthday party, but I made the dress version in hopes that it would fit longer, and it is a little long for a still-newbie walker. But look how cute!

The bodice is Essex Yarn-dyed Linen in Denim and the bottom is another Cotorienne fabric, Nohara lawn in black. I guess I like my Geraniums in Cotorienne! I'm not super happy with the buttons, but it was all I had at the time that matched. I may switch them out with some wooden buttons later. Also, that linen was a HUUUUUUUGE pain getting the button-holer to work. As a result, they are not my prettiest button holes, and I had to rip a few attempts out, also not easy in the linen. There was also a mishap with the seam ripper while opening up the bottom button hole (yes, I used a pin - it failed me). But it's done.

I don't think that's what the neck line is supposed to look like, but I really like it, kind of a sweetheart shape. I lined the bodice in some leftover black cotton lawn from another dress. I love, love, love the flutter sleeves, especially in this shred-y linen! Mother of the year letting my kid eat rocks, right?

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