Friday, January 16, 2015

Icy Parfait

Just popping in to offer up a couple of mosaics for Stitched in Color's Icy Parfait theme.

Icy Persimmon
This is the palette that immediately came to mind as I read the inspiration post. I had just flipped through West Elm's newest catalog and was struck by the colors of a spread on bed linens. The very first thing I thought was, "I want a quilt made out of these!" To me, West Elm always seems a little icy with it's modern aesthetic. I actually find home catalogs to be a great place for color inspiration, as usually their posed and staged rooms make me want to cozy up and take a nap! In particular, I love the dark gray/black included, and the way the lighter colors look a little bit colder against them.

The second mosaic is very similar to the first, but with everything softened a bit and the light/aqua blue intensified to teal. When I look at the these colors, I feel just the tiniest bit closer to spring, but still in the realm of snow.

I absolutely love these exercises in color that Rachel from Stitched in Color puts out every once in a while. They really stretch my brain and help me to break away from the popular quilt colors I see on my blog feed and Pinterest. They definitely help me feel more creatively me!

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