Saturday, September 27, 2014

Honey Baby

Another baby quilt! This'll be short, because this is another one I just snapped a few quick pics before it was sent off.

Maybe you can tell, this baby quilt is a little "above and beyond" what I usually sew for babies. I had originally intended it to be MY baby's quilt. I loved the Honey Honey collection by Kate Spain as soon as I saw it, and since I was preggo with my baby girl at the time, I thought it would make the perfect baby girl quilt. And it does, really, just not for my baby girl.

By the time my girl arrived, I had only finished the top. I figured I had plenty of time to quilt it before she could use it. But after a few months of knowing her, I was pretty sure that, while the quilt is beautiful, it just did not fit her personality. Maybe that's weird, but it's true. Luckily, my friend April had just told me she was pregnant with a girl, so I finished it up and sent it off.


I have picked and cut new fabrics for Nola's quilt, and even started to sew it up, but spent a long day seam ripping when I realized that I really didn't want navy in her quilt. Sigh. She really doesn't need one until she switches to her toddler bed, so I think I have a little time yet. I hope.

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