Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stripey Little Joey

I've been churning out the clothes here, for both myself and the girl, and I've even been taking some pictures, but they haven't made it to this space. I've figured out a more efficient way to resize my pictures, so hopefully I will be more inclined to actually upload them. These were taken a little while ago, hence the middle-of-Pennsylvania-winter indoor lighting. Some are even a little blurry, but que sera, sera, right?

This is the Little Joey pattern from Make It Perfect. I used some AGF knit fabric from Sew Caroline's Gleeful collection that I had in the stash and I knew needed to be a dress.

The pattern has a kangaroo pocket on the front (hence the name of the pattern!), which I left off for the sake of speed, but I will definitely add it to the next one. I love the gathered sleeves and little waistband.

I put leggings and a long sleeve onesie on under this in the winter, I wasn't sure it was going to still fit her once it warmed up and I wanted her to get a lot of wear out of it. So cute! But it is a little on the slim side, definitely sizing up the next one.

Look at that near perfect pattern matching! Boo-ya.

And the neckline!!! Considering this was sewn entirely on the serger, I'm pretty happy with how everything lined up.

There's an adult version of this that I'm seriously considering. It would be so cute in the fall over leggings, right?

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