Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas knitting and a new hobby

The plague on this house has finally lifted and not a minute too soon. Two weeks of sick boy, sick mom is just no fun. I'm hoping we got all of the bugs out of our systems for awhile, cause I've got some major Christmas sewing and knitting to get to!

I suppose one good thing about being sick - or taking care of a sick kid - is lots of couch-sitting time. Which means lots of knitting time. I've been working on this Dark and Stormy pattern for someone special and while it's slow going (and I had about 10 minutes of panic when I thought I was going to have to rip back several inches), I really love how it's turning out. The yarn, KnitPicks Comfy Worsted in Hawk, is not my first choice for this pattern, but the recipient will appreciate the non-wool-ness of it. And it does have nice cable definition and is very soft.

I haven't been completely immobile on the couch for those couple of weeks. In fact, I picked up a whole new hobby (like I needed another one) - woodworking! I finally got tired of hubby saying "Why should we buy that when I can build an even better one myself, for much cheaper?!" and then never having the time to actually follow through. So, last weekend I asked him to show me how to use all of his "manly" tools and built myself this cute little bench.

I used the Spa Bench plans from This is a great site for beginning woodworkers, with tons of free plans - most are homemade versions of furniture found in higher-end stores. I had been looking for a bench like this to go here, mainly because we really don't have an entryway and I wanted somewhere you could sit down and take your shoes off. My main goal is to build a new dining room table (which is currently in the works!), but I figured I should probably start with something a little more...manageable. I learned quite a bit on this little bench, but the design was such that you really can't see any of the mistakes.

I'm already working on some cute scrappy pillows to sit on it - like I need another project!

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