Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quilt Fail (sorta)

So this sea glass prism quilt drove me a little bit crazy. The top is done and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

It's definitely not what I pictured in my head when I started out. It's...lighter than I had intended it to be. But the sheer fact that it is finished is sort of a miracle. I spent sooooooooo much time on fabric selection, its not even funny. I would cut out the shapes in the fabric I had, put them up on the design wall and hate half of them. Then I would order replacement fabric, cut out and put that up and still hate one or two of them. I bought WAY more fabric than I wanted to for this, especially since I was trying to do a little stash-busting. Needless to say, the next several quilts will be scrap quilts! Don't get me wrong, its not a bad quilt, I'm just disappointed in it. *sigh* I've decided to put it aside for now, until I forget a little about how much trouble it gave me. Maybe I'll like it more when I pick it back up.

I went back to the Craftsy Block of the Month lessons to help get over the disappointment. I really enjoyed the May wonky log cabins, both the process and the results, which is kind of amazing since I don't really like wonky.

I got to use up a lot of scraps on that last one, which made me feel better about generating so many scraps on the prism.

The June blocks - modern nine patch - were not as fun, but they were pretty mindless which I very much needed.

I also decided to finally cut into my Flea Market Fancy and start my Swoon quilt. I love how this first block turned out and it is HUGE. You can really tell the scale, as I used the same hanger for the blocks above. Eight more of these suckers and I'll have a quilt.

I really like the cream Crosshatch Sketch for the background fabric - I wasn't sure I would, so its a good thing for my quilting soul that I do. This is definitely a precision piecing project (say that 3 times fast!) - not really my forte - but I did a decent job on this first block, so I think it'll turn out well. Now if I could just get over the prism quilt...


  1. I love the beginnings of your Swoon quilt! That blue in it is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! This was my favorite combo, so I decided to start with it...