Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers bring...May quilts!

Ah, the crazy April weather. How is it that I forget every year what its like? We started out with gorgeous, sunny, warm days - perfect for knitting. Every non-sleeping moment we spent out in the backyard, where I could sit and knit my little heart out while Jack played/got dirty. I got quite a bit done (for me) on my Quinn sweater for the luvinthemommyhood KAL during these days. I am finally past the lace yoke and am about to split for the sleeves.

Then came the cold. And the rain. And snow?!?! And back inside we went.

I am still getting a little knitting done, but with more inside days, my sewing machine is calling to me. I'm trying to be good and knock some items off my sewing list. So I finished up this:

This is actually the second time I've made the Beach Robe pattern by Dana at Made. The first one was done hastily and, sad to say, not very well and is already falling apart. I decided to make another one because Jack uses it all the time for bath time, and we are also planning to use it at the pool this summer. This time around I made sure to finish all the seams and take my time with the bias tape. I think I put the hood on wrong, but I sorta fixed it, so...oh, well. I made the Large size of the pattern, and as you can see, its a bit big on him but he can grow into it.

With that must-do sewing done, I started working on a new quilt. I have had a stack of vintage sheet charm packs I got from the etsy store In Color order for a couple months now, just waiting for inspiration to strike. I finally decided to make them into half-square triangle blocks with Kona ash, and I'm thinking they will eventually be a random pinwheel-type quilt.

But then I got distracted. I first saw this quilt on Pinterest

Anna Maria Horner Patchwork Prism

and immediately pinned it. Then I found out that the blog Sweet Diesel Designs is having a quilt along for it! The prizes are incredible, but just having a quilt along to join has given me the nudge to do this quilt. Right now. The vintage sheet pinwheel quilt is going to have to wait. As much as I love this version, I'm definitely thinking I'm going to change it up somehow. If you are interested in joining the quilt along, it is here or if you just want to do the quilt on your own, the free pattern is here. Do it with me!

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