Monday, February 20, 2012

Make the Bread

So I thought I'd be a little better at this whole posting frequently thing.  It definitely makes me appreciate the bloggers I read on a regular basis and not feel so disappointed when there's not a new post up!  I have been doing lots of sewing and knitting, but I'm afraid no finishes yet.  Got too many things going at once, I think I just need to focus on one and finish it!  I did get this book for my birthday from my husband.

I love it!  Part cookbook, part food journal, the author looks at the various foods and drinks we consume and asks whether they are better bought from the store or made at home.  She not only compares price, but also hassle and taste. Most are apparently best made at home, as you'd expect, but there are some surprises and a few things she recommends making once, just to have the experience. You also get several anecdotes about her attempts at suburban farming and numerous recipes - I plan on trying just about all of them.  I will never buy peanut butter again. Who knew it was so easy to make?

Gratuitous cute boy pictures - this guy has discovered he can eat an apple "like a big boy":

Now he's an apple fiend!

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